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The Oracle BABET

The Oracle BABET is a card game consisting of 30 illustrations representing emotions, activities, and moods. Within this game, several draws are proposed in the booklet to guide and direct players in their decisions.

Everyone is free to interpret the cards in their own way, based on their life and perspective. It is evident that everyone is free to believe in this Oracle or not. In addition to the draws proposed in the booklet, the Oracle has been transformed into a fun game.


The world is in chaos, and there are only two individuals, Ferdinand and Philomène, left on Earth. A crisis meeting is held in Borée, Ardèche, in a tuned caravan, with mediums and their friends to influence Ferdinand and Philomène to rebuild the world. Participants are divided between those who want to create a better future (Artisous) and those who want to destroy everything (Foutralous).

Objective of the game

Players must create characters belonging to two different worlds: the kind Artisous and the wicked Foutralous. Artisous must construct two characters from their world to win the game, while Foutralous only need to build one.

How to build a personality?

A personality always consists of 5 cards. To belong to a world, a personality must have at least 3 cards related to it. Thus, 3 positive cards out of 5 will create an Artisou, while 3 negative cards will create a Foutralou. Each card of the Oracle has a dominance, either positive (white border) or negative (red border and multiples of 3). The borders are under the yellow diagonal with the card name in it.

Setup & Gameplay

Before starting, players agree on their affiliation (Artisou or Foutralou) or can play with hidden roles. All cards are shuffled to form a deck, and a river of 2 face-up cards is set up. On their turn, the player draws 2 cards from the river or the deck (face down) or one card from each.

The player then has the option to perform up to 2 actions:

Possible Actions


place one or two cards from their hand on the common play area.


move one card or group of cards onto another card or group, respecting the ascending order.


refrain from taking any actions. The turn ends with a maximum of 3 cards in hand, avoiding the indefinite retention of cards.

Additional Rule for 3 or 5 Players

In games with 3 or 5 players, it is now required that at least one pile must be filled entirely with Artisous cards. This rule adds an extra layer of strategy and competition, making the gameplay more dynamic and exciting.