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This is a Flip & Write (like Roll & Write) take on the traditional Poker game

For a basic game, all players use the Queen sheet, for an advanced game use all randomly distributed

The game length is 23 rounds


Each round, 2 new cards are revealed, replacing the last round's cards

Each player picks one of the cards to use this round or make up their own card from what they can see e.g. if you had Four Hearts and 6 Diamonds, you can have those but also Four Diamonds or 6 Hearts (Multiple players can pick the same card)

The chosen card is written into an empty space connected orthogonally by a line from a pre-existing card (You can write the number and circle the suit)

In rounds 1 & 2, the card must be written in a space with a black dot in the lower left corner

Special Rules

The golden card can NEVER be filled

The Joker can be considered EITHER any suit OR any Number, as such MUST be paired with the other card in the correct way (e.g. Joker as a Suit means the other card needs to be used for its number)

If 2 Jokers come up at once, you can have complete freedom over what to call your card

Cards do NOT have to be written in a particular order, as long as they make a valid hand (e.g. A 10 J Q K is still a straight once re-ordered)

You can use 1 Poker chip to change the number of a written card +/- 1 or 2 Poker chips to change the suit of a written card

You can end up with the same card written multiple times

If in a round player(s) manage to surround their golden card with 8 regular cards, they can get an extra card from the golden deck, then this bonus is no longer available for subsequent rounds

Completing a Hand

If you complete a hand, this must be declared when it happens

A hand is a row or column connected to a card with a letter on it by a continuous line and no deviations, different lettered hands have different quantities of cards they may contain

A card may end up forming parts of different hands

Some hands have circles with shadow people in them, if there is just one such icon then the first player to complete that hand gains a poker chip, if there are 2 icons then the first person gains 2 chips and all subsequent players gain 1 chip (If multiple players complete a hand in the same round, they all get the relevant first complete rewards)


First off, each player can score their hands independently

A pair of Numbers is 2 Points

Two pairs of Numbers is 4 Points

Three of a Number is 6 Points

Five Sequential Numbers is 8 Points

A Pair of one Number and a Triplet of another Number is 10 Points

Four of a Number is 12 Points

Five Sequential Numbers of the same Suit is 14 Points (Note this is the only type which requires the same Suit)

After which comes competitive scoring, each hand (A, B, C...) is compared across all players, and the player with the strongest hand (or most points as that's the same thing) will score Bonus Points equal to the orange crosses on that Hand Letter (Typically 2 or 3). If there's a tie, the tied player with the highest single number card in that hand takes the bonus. If there's still a tie, all still tied players take the full bonus points each.

Finally, unused Poker Chips will grant a player 1 point

If there's a tie for the final score, most remaining poker chips breaks the tie