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Become the best wine maker over 10 rounds

Setup Draft

Before the main part of the game, there is a three turn draft for players to select 3 Inheritance Cards, these come in 3 forms:

Green Vineyard cards allow you to acquire Vineyards and may give you Eco-Responsibility Levels

Purple Press cards increase Pressing Capacity and may add some starting Wine to the Cellar

Orange Winery cards increase Storage Capacity and may add some starting Wine to the Cellar

After the draft concludes, count the stars on your cards, whoever has the most stars is 1st player, whoever has 2nd most stars is 2nd player and so on. If there's a tie, the player with the highest stars on a single Green Vineyard card takes that position.


The game consists of 5 phases

New Event

Collaborators Assignment

Resolving Actions

Grape Harvest

End of Season

New Event

Reveal an event card and apply its effects for this round

These may affect everything or may be contained to certain regions

Collaborators Assignment

Players take turns putting out workers in anticipation of resolving the actions in the Resolving Actions step

Each action area is numbered, and this is the order in which they will resolve in during the following phase

You will assign 3 Collaborators, and may assign multiple to the same action if there is space available

Resolving Actions

Action spaces 1-6 are now resolved, with 7 & 8 postponed

Acquiring a Vineyard [1]

This action allows you to add cards to your domain. The cards show the type and quantity of grape to be harvested. During Assignment, you will pick exactly which card you wished to obtain. When obtained, place the card on the column of your player board which matches the region. Some of these cards give an instant bonus shown on the top right.

Building a Wine Press [2]

This action increases your Press level, which in turn increases the quantity of grapes which can be harvested.

Installing a Winery [3]

This action allows you to place a winery module onto your player board, which in turn increases your storage capacity of still wines

Marketing Strategy [4]

This is a two part action, with the first part resolving in the current round and the second part resolving in the next round. If you're on the left Step 1, move up to 3 cuvees from your cellar into oenotheque, then move your Collaborator from the Left step 1 to the right step 2. If you're on the Right step 2, take cuvees from your oenotheque, and move them to your Marketing Strategy board based on their type.

Shipping to Markets [5]

This is one of the few actions where you can prioritise taking the action first, most others don't really matter for the order of resolution. If your collaborator is on the top half of this action, you may choose a single Market card from all available, whilst if you are on the lower half you may take up to 2 Market cards but only from the lower row. Regardless of where you may take from, if you take from the lower row you can gain a bonus token. To qualify for a card you must: discard cuvees from your cellar based on the card's requirement, gain the points on the card itself, make any Marketing Strategy adjustments, adjust your Eco-Responsibility level. If you took the Partial Delivery space, you may pay 1 less cuvee from your cellar, but don't gain the points that would have given you (Blue 1VP, Black 2VP, Yellow 3VP)

Wine Draw [6]

This action allows you to convert still wines in your winery into cuvees in your cellar. Choose 3 cubes from your Winery, discard 2, and the third is added to your cellar.

Grape Harvest

For each Vineyard card, players collect the cubes depicted on them. Each player then places these newly acquired cubes in the Winery, if there is space. If there is not space, the player chooses which cubes will be added and which will be discarded. You may end up needing to discard all new cubes if zero space.

End of Season

If any players placed a Collaborator in the Council of Cellar Masters [8], this enables them to advance in the turn order for the next season

Discard all Vineyard cards on the lower row, and move the previous upper row cards down to fill the spots

If this is not the 10th round, go back to New Event phase

End of Game

The game ends at the end of the 10th round

First, take any points gained throughout the game

If you have 1 Vineyard in each region, gain 5 points

If you have 2+ Vineyards in each region, gain 10 points

For each region, the player with the most Vineyards gains 4 points. If tied, the player with the most grapes produced by that region takes the points. If still tied, divide the 4 points evenly.

For every 6 still wines in your winery, gain 1 point

For every 3 cuvees between the cellar and oenotheque, gain 4 points

Gain the points demonstrated next to your Eco-Responsibility level

The player with the most points, wins! If there's a tie, the player with the higher Eco-Responsibility level wins! If still a tie, the player who is higher in turn order wins!