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Game Objective

Be the first player to 80 points to win.

Game Play

The game is divided into 3 phases:

1. Assembling the Tribe - reveal the top four cards in your desk and arrange them to line up the frames.

  • Player gains the resources in the completed frames.
  • Resources are gained from left to right, top to bottom.

If the closed box contains an arrow, you must pay the resources on the left to gain the benefit on the right

2. Attracting new apes - choose from one of your four discs to declare which primate you would like to gain. 3 resources for a level 1 card and 6 for a level 2 card.

  • Blue Flowers for Mandrill (ability: victory points)
  • Orange Fruits for Orangutan (ability: energy)
  • Black Seeds for Gorilla (ability: rage; see below for explanation)
  • Any sources of the same type for Chimpanzee (ability: copying)

Note that the primate's ability is not their only ability. It simply means it is their dominant ability.

Gain the sources on the disc that you have chosen.

Optional: Spend 2 resources of the same kind to also gain the bonuses of ONE of your NEIGHBORING players

3. Resting

  • Discard played cards.
  • Return disc to face down position.



Spending four rages will allow you to remove a card from your deck. This can be done any time HOWEVER the card in your line up will NOT be replaced. Player will immediately gain the rage bonus as depicted on the upper right corner of the card. On BGA, click on the rage icon on upper right corner of card to use rage.


There are 3 human tools that each players can activate once per round with the required resources.