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Characters in "The Werewolves of Miller's Hollow"

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The Werewolves - Their objective is to eliminate the other inhabitants of the village. Each night, they bite, kill and devour a villager. During the day, they try to conceal their identity and vile deeds from the townsfolk. They cannot devour a werewolf.

Ordinary Villagers - Have no special skill. Their only weapons are the ability to analyse behaviour to identify werewolves and the strength of their conviction to prevent the lynch of the innocents like themselves.

The Seer - Each night, she sees the true personality of a player. She must help the townsfolks to correctly identify the werewolves, without discovering by the werewolves.

The Witch - She has a healing potion which can resurrect a player devoured by the werewolves, and a poison potion which can eliminate a player. Each potion can be used once per game and both potions can be used on the same night. If this character is used, there might be 0 or 2 players eliminated.

The Hunter - If he is killed by any reason, he can strike back. With his dying breath, he shoots and eliminate a player.

The Little Girl - She is very curious and can open her eyes and spy on the werewolves. But if discovered doing so, she dies of fright. In this verison, she can take a small risk (20% of seeing a werewolf and 20% of being caught) or a big risk (40% of seeing a werewolf and 40% of being caught).

Cupido - He has the power of making two people fall instantly in love. During the first night, he chooses two players and they will be in love in the rest of the game. If one of the lovers dies, the other immediately kill him/herself. They cannot, even as a bluff, kill or vote to lynch their lover.

The Thief - If the thief is used, two ordinary villager cards is added. After the characters are dealt, the two extra cards are placed face down. On the first night, he can exchange his card with one of them and play that role until the end of the game.

The Sheriff - He is chosen by a vote with majority. From that on, his vote count as double. If he is eliminated, with their last breath they choose their successor.