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ONE is a simple strategy game for 2-6 players. The goal is to form the largest group of connected stones, and to capture stones to prevent your opponents from doing the same.

How to Play

The first player begins by placing a stone on the board at any point where two lines intersect. The next player may not mirror the first player's move.

The goal is to create the largest group of connected stones. Stones are only connected if they are directly adjacent. Stones placed diagonally do not count. Here are some examples of connected stones:

Examples of connected stones

Instead of placing a stone when it is your turn, you may choose to capture one of your opponent's stones instead. Captured stones count for two points.

You may only capture a stone if one of your stones is adjacent to the stone you are capturing, and if there is a space directly on the opposite side. Multiple captures are permitted, even if they are of multiple colors. You may not capture diagonally, or capture your own stones. Here are some examples of legal captures:

Examples of legal captures


When a player runs out of stones, the game continues until it reaches the starting player, and then ends.


Score is calculated as follows:

# of stones in only your ONE largest connected group + (# of opponents' stones you captured x 2) = score

The player with the highest score wins.