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22 September 2023

     21:05  Gamehelpparks diffhist +8 Kevan talk contribs (bullet points don't show up on the BGA site (
     14:53  Gamehelpthatslife diffhist +16 SquashEngineer talk contribs (Improved the tie scoring condition description.) Tag: Visual edit
N    07:20  Gamehelporionduel‎‎ 2 changes history +845 [Ren S‎ (2×)]
07:20 (cur | prev) +23 Ren S talk contribs (just edit) Tag: Visual edit
07:19 (cur | prev) +822 Ren S talk contribs (Created page with "ORION Duel is an abstract board game for two players where the goal is to control cosmic space by connecting key elements. Here's how it's played: On their turn, players place one of their tiles on the board. You can place a tile on a galaxy or a black hole if the color of that tile connects to others of the same color already on the board. 3 paths to victory: Connect opposite edges of the same color with a continuous flow of your color. Connect 4 galaxies with a cont...") Tag: Visual edit: Switched
     03:25  Setting up BGA Development environment using VSCode diffhist 0 JudgeJesse talk contribs (Just correcting boiletplate to boilerplate) Tag: Visual edit

21 September 2023

     23:39  Tips bang diffhist +6 BANGPlayer 78 talk contribs (→‎As the Renegade)
     17:48  Gamehelpknarr‎‎ 5 changes history +639 [Eoc‎; Kevan‎ (4×)]
17:48 (cur | prev) +83 Eoc talk contribs (→‎End Game: Add tiebreaker)
14:22 (cur | prev) +1 Kevan talk contribs (workaround for Wiki_formatting#Headings per rest of rules)
10:19 (cur | prev) +8 Kevan talk contribs (subheadings)
10:18 (cur | prev) +9 Kevan talk contribs (→‎Overview: clarify)
10:18 (cur | prev) +538 Kevan talk contribs (use blurb from the rules, add artifacts, clean up some formatting, colour blindness support is great but not a "key note")
 m   07:30  Gamehelpageofcivilization diffhist +208 Trick-E talk contribs ('Power' and 'Ability' were used interchangeably, so all were changed to 'ability. Added clarification for what happens if you have multiple turn end abilities. Minor punctuation edits.) Tag: Visual edit
     07:18  Tips cardiceo diffhist +640 Dezo talk contribs (new section) Tag: Visual edit
     05:45  Gamehelpparks diffhist +1,431 Pitdood talk contribs (Revamp to make it easier to learn from) Tag: Visual edit
N    01:03  Tips goldblivion‎‎ 4 changes history +2,647 [BusyBeaver‎ (4×)]
01:03 (cur | prev) −6 BusyBeaver talk contribs (Fix error)
01:02 (cur | prev) −9 BusyBeaver talk contribs (Remove one word)
01:00 (cur | prev) +65 BusyBeaver talk contribs (Formatting)
00:53 (cur | prev) +2,597 BusyBeaver talk contribs (Initial advice)

20 September 2023

     22:37  Tips forestshuffle‎‎ 3 changes history +45 [CDog86‎; CalculatorStore‎ (2×)]
22:37 (cur | prev) +325 CalculatorStore talk contribs Tag: Visual edit
22:28 (cur | prev) +74 CalculatorStore talk contribs
05:37 (cur | prev) −354 CDog86 talk contribs (Deleted a strategy that does not follow the rules) Tag: Visual edit
 m   22:12  Gamehelpempireplateau diffhist +77 Frances Games talk contribs (→‎Objective) Tag: Visual edit
     20:03  Gamehelpseasaltpaper diffhist +64 Pitdood talk contribs (→‎1. Draw) Tag: Visual edit
     16:39  Gamehelpperfectwords diffhist +322 Poupignor I talk contribs (→‎Overview) Tag: Visual edit
     16:24  Template:HCardk diffhist +34 Sammy McSam talk contribs (border)
     16:23  Template:HCardm diffhist +34 Sammy McSam talk contribs (border)
     16:23  Template:HCardw diffhist +34 Sammy McSam talk contribs (border)
     16:22  Template:HCardb diffhist +34 Sammy McSam talk contribs (border)
     16:22  Template:HCardg diffhist +34 Sammy McSam talk contribs (border)
     16:22  Template:HCardy diffhist +34 Sammy McSam talk contribs (border)
     16:21  Template:HCardr diffhist +34 Sammy McSam talk contribs (border)
     16:18  Template:Card diffhist +290 Sammy McSam talk contribs (borderThickness)
     10:52  Gamehelpconspiracy‎‎ 3 changes history +25 [Kevan‎ (3×)]
10:52 (cur | prev) +37 Kevan talk contribs Tag: Manual revert
10:52 (cur | prev) −37 Kevan talk contribs (→‎STEP 1. RECRUIT LORDS (from the deck or from the discard):)
10:51 (cur | prev) +25 Kevan talk contribs (→‎STEP 1. RECRUIT LORDS (from the deck or from the discard):: clearer headings)
     09:46  Gamehelpmeridians diffhist +81 Rednasflor talk contribs (For tips on how to play Meridians, see Tips_Meridians)
     08:11  Gamehelpdiceathlon diffhist +35 Youngathearttx talk contribs
N    01:28  Tips thenumber diffhist +337 Fajizkanil talk contribs (Created page with "- Using a number that only contains one digit (e.g. 555) makes it less likely opponents will eliminate your number. - Order your 2nd and 3rd digit from lowest to highest, since they do not effect your scoring. - Low digits can be valuable! For example, if everybody wants to play 9XX you'll be thankful you have the option to play 900.")

19 September 2023

     21:28  Gamehelptakenoko diffhist +515 Eoc talk contribs (Rules changes between First and Second Edition, as per Tag: Visual edit: Switched
     14:21  Tips meridians‎‎ 3 changes history +5 [Rednasflor‎ (3×)]
14:21 (cur | prev) +3 Rednasflor talk contribs (→‎Tempo)
14:17 (cur | prev) +3 Rednasflor talk contribs (cut a double path takes 2 moves)
13:57 (cur | prev) −1 Rednasflor talk contribs (left not right)
     12:34  Help diffhist +505 ArielFriedrichGauss talk contribs (→‎Games)
N    05:53  Gamehelpoxono diffhist +808 Arcsmage talk contribs (Added rules as defined by board game. Geek) Tag: Visual edit
     04:49  Gamehelpfourcolorcards diffhist +21 Parsonii talk contribs (→‎Game Rules) Tag: Visual edit
 m   00:07  Gamehelpwingspan diffhist +306 Charl Rees talk contribs (→‎Actions and Rounds) Tag: Visual edit

18 September 2023

     10:59  Gamehelpgolf diffhist −2 Kevan talk contribs (visible headings and bullet point bug workarounds, swap draw/discard order)
     07:40  Tips forestshuffle diffhist +358 CDog86 talk contribs (Added a strategy that seems to work well. Also cleaned up the last persons post to make it look better.) Tag: Visual edit
 m   02:47  Gamehelpitsawonderfulworld diffhist +3 CaveMike talk contribs (Fix typo 'remain' to 'remaining') Tag: Visual edit

17 September 2023

     21:54  Gamehelpnowboarding diffhist +410 Quietmint talk contribs Tag: Visual edit