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For tips on how to play one, see Tips_one


  • ONE is a simple strategy game for 2-6 players.
  • Your goal is to form the ONE largest group of connected stones.
  • Capture opponents' stones to block their expansion and add points to your score.
  • At the end of the game, the player with the highest score wins.

Game play

  • Players take turns to either:
    1. Place a stone, or
    2. Capture a stone

Place a stone

  • A stone of the player's colour may be placed on any empty intersection on the board.
  • Stones are connected if they are on adjacent intersections with a line between them.
    • Stones placed diagonally are not connected.
  • Here are some examples of connected stones:
ONE - Connected Stones.jpg


  • Instead of placing a stone, a player may choose to capture one of their opponent's stones.
  • Captured stones count for two points.
  • A player may only capture an opponent's stone if:
    • Their stone is adjacent to the stone being captured, and
    • There is an empty intersection directly on the opposite side of the opponent's stone.
  • Multiple captures are permitted, even if they are of multiple colours.
    • You may not capture diagonally, or capture your own stones.
  • Here are some examples of legal captures:
ONE - Capturing Stones.jpeg

Captures on BGA

  • To make a capture:
    1. Select your stone
    2. Select the empty intersection opposite your opponent's stone.
  • With the Training Labels option enabled, stones with captures available will be marked with an A.

Game End

  • When a player runs out of stones, the game ends just before the turn of the starting player.


  • Player score = [# of stones in the largest connected group] + 2 × [# of captured stones]
  • The player with the highest score wins.