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For the rules of potion explosion, see GameHelpPotionExplosion


  • You can use potion effects and a Little Help to set up a favourable arrangement of marbles, before taking one and triggering explosions.
  • In order to choose a marble, start looking for all lone, single marbles of the colour needed and especially those that might be embedded between two marbles of the same colour, choose the combination that fills the most slots in your potions.
    • The better move may be to take a marble with fewer explosions if it fills a critical slot in one of your potions.
  • Using the Lavamancer potion to clear marbles of one colour reduces the stack to the point where the colours you need remain plentiful in an arrangement that most fully satisfies your open slots.
  • Also consider the possibility that an initial explosion could trigger others.
  • Avoid any explosions that set your opponents favourably.
  • If you take low value potions near the start, later, when you have lots of potions, you can start taking the high value ones and get lots and lots of points!
  • At the end of your turn, when filling your pool, scroll down to see available potions to help you know which colours to keep.
    • If the Elixir of Blind Love is in play, before deciding on marbles to save, take a look at what your opponents need.
    • If you have the Potion of Prismatic Joy, consider using it to "clear" your Pool and fill in some spaces, even if you can't complete your potion right now.
  • The game goes faster than you expect, do not try to "save" potions to use in later turn(s), especially if you can use it to complete a potion now.
    • Try and complete both potions each time if at all possible.
    • This generally means using potions before (and after) taking your marble from the stack.

Pay attention to how many bonus tiles all players have so you know when the game is likely to end.