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For the rules of jaipur, see GameHelpJaipur


Camelling is a technique used where a player fills the market with camels and forces their opponent to take the camels as they have no other option. This effectively refreshes the market and in the event of a successful camelling, allows the player to pick and choose whatever new goods they may desire. This technique is best performed when your opponent has no cards, few cards, or you know they have nothing to trade into the market / take anything out of the market. One must also note that when camelling, the player must have sufficient cards (camels or lower value goods) to trade into the market and sufficient space in your hand to store them.


  • The use of the camels is a balancing act: if you don’t have any then you have a problem if you want to take a lot of cards and your hand is empty. However, if you take a lot of camels then you risk leaving a very profitable market for your opponent.
  • If you do decide to take a large group of camels, it can be worthwhile doing this when your opponent already has 7 cards in hand. Then, if the new market is interesting, she’ll have to exchange cards and probably won’t be able to take all the cards wanted.
  • If you think that some valuable cards are due to turn up, it can be advantageous to make an exchange that fills the market with camels, forcing your opponent to open up the game for you.

Sources of Income

There are three main sources of income:

  • the 3 expensive goods
  • the first tokens in each set
  • the big sales bonuses

All three are important so don’t let your opponent grab the lion’s share of the diamonds, gold and silver, sell before her if you can, and try to make one or two really big sales!