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Moderation and grades

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This content is deprecated. Please refer to the up to date "Frequently Asked Questions" page at this address:!faq

Board Game Arena is a friendly and respectful community of players. The moderation and grades system help us to ensure that the minority of players who disrespect the spirit of this website can't bother other players.

When you register on Board Game Arena, you're a mortal. You can access most of the functionalities of this website, except some of them (ex: speaking on global chat).

After a while, you are promoted to the angel grade. With this grade you are able to access all functionalities of the service. But, if you go against the Board Game Arena terms, you can be moderated and demoted to devilkin or demon.

If you manage to become a well appreciated player, you can become a moderator with a superior grade: seraph or cherub.


Moderation on BGA is community based.

A group of volunteers process the reports, and decide which action to do (ex: exclude player for X days).

BGA Moderators made a difficult work that is absolutely needed to have a nice community. You can see who they are from the [BGA team] page.

Usually reports are processed quite fast, but sometimes this is not easy and there are some additional checks to perform. But don't be afraid: we review every report.

All grades

  • Mortal: this is your grade when you registered on Board Game Arena. You can access almost all functionalities of the website (but you can't speak on general channel).
  • Angel: this is the grade of regular players. To be promoted to this grade, you need: 3 days seniority, 3 games played and 3 positive reputation points.
  • Seraph: this is the moderator grade. Seraph can punish players who disrespect BGA terms of use: reputation penalties, inferior grade.
  • Cherub: this is the super moderator grade. Cherub check that Seraph are fair and unbiased.
  • Archangel: this is the Board Game Arena administrators' grade.
  • Demon: due to a major terms of use violation, this player is not allowed to do anything on the website during a period of time (or forever ...)
  • Devilkin: due to a terms of use violation, this player is not allowed to speak on Board Game Arena (or publish anything) during a period of time.