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How to join BGA developer team?

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Registering on BGA Studio is simple and automatic from:

To register, you must agree with 'terms & conditions' document. It's very light, so as to get to the fun part faster.

During registration if you will get a database error that user already exists ignore it.

Once registered, you will get by email

  • one login / password to access files through SFTP
  • one login / password to access the database (for your games in progress)
  • ten logins with numeric suffixes from 0 to 9 and a common simple password to test games on the studio website while developing.

If you did not get email, search for "Welcome on BGA Studio" in your email client (just like that), it sometimes ends up in junk folder.

If you cannot find it, and you use some weird proprietary email address, it possible that your mail server denies emails from bga, in this case post message on the forum and specify login name your have chosen. Don't attempt to register again with same email, it likely will fail again. But if you have standard email such as gmail, yahoo, outlook use it instead.

Ok, I registered, how to start?

Then... well that's all, you can start!

See Great, I'm in! ... How should I start?

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