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1. Flip 3 Casino cards At the beginning of each turn, the card from the top of each stack is flipped and placed next to it, effect side up, creating three combinations: Casino number / Effect. Flipped cards will be stacked in three discarded stacks.

2. Pick a number / effect combination The players turn is simultaneous: each player individually picks one the three combinations available and apply the results on their sheets. Several architects can therefore choose the same combination.

3. Open a Casino (compulsory) First, each architect must write the number of the combination he picked in the casino of one of their 4 streets on their city sheet. Numbers must always be written in an empty and constructed Casino, that is a casino without a crane or with a crossed off crane (see Construction effect page 8). They must be put in ascending order from left to right in each street independently.

4. Perform the Effect (optional) The player’s chosen combination allows them to perform an effect, if they wish, and if they have opened a casino with the Casino card. Important: an effect is always optional.