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In Thrive, you play as one of two lotus flowers, competing to control the pond. Be the first to capture all but one of your opponent's seed pods and win this game of tactical decision making!


On a player's turn, in this order, if they can, they must: 1.Move one of their pieces. 2.Then place 2 pegs in any of their pieces.

Piece Movement

All pegs in a piece other than the center peg represent the possible moves that piece can take, relative to its position on the board, (represented by its center peg). Every piece starts with one peg allowing the piece to move one space forward.

When a piece is moved onto another piece, the other piece is removed from the game.

Pieces can jump over other pieces.

Pieces cannot move off the game board.

Pieces do not rotate.

Peg Placement

Pegs have to be placed into empty holes in your own pieces, and only into pieces that have not yet been captured. You can place your two pegs on different pieces on the same turn. You do not need to place either of the pegs onto the piece you just moved.


If you reduce your opponent to just one piece remaining, you win the game.

Secondary goal: In a game where both players have exactly two pieces remaining, a player may instead win the game by filling one of their remaining pieces with pegs.