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Place buildings to score the most points after 5 rounds. (This will be after everyone has placed 5 buildings.)


The board starts with a certain number of tiles on it (4/6/4/5/6 for 2/3/4/5/6 players)

Starting player order is chosen randomly, and placed on the planning board. For 2, 4, or 5 players, the player who plays last marks one line on the planning board with the demolition token -- this row will not be played.

Future rounds will be chosen by the order the player figures were placed on the planning board from the previous round.


On a player's turn, they can pick which building they want to place from the planning board by putting their player figure on it, keeping in mind this will determine when they get to pick in future rounds.

Each building will be next to the valid shape or shapes it can be placed on when placed on the main board. So the first building by the planning board must be placed on a circle, the second must be placed on a triangle, and so on.

After you have placed a building, put a marker on it corresponding to your player color.


There are four different building types (Blue, Orange, Purple, Yellow) -- building types of a color also have similar artwork


Neighborhoods are groups of orthogonally adjacent buildings of the same color. For each marker you have on a neighborhood, you get one point per tile on the group. (So if you have multiple, you'll score the group that many times)

Example: If you have three adjacent buildings in Purple, with two of your markers on it, you get six points (3 x 2 = 6).


Each park scores the marker owner points based on how many different building types are orthogonally adjacent to that park:

1 building type: 1 points 2 building types: 4 points 3 building types: 9 points 4 building types: 16 points


Each pair of marker you control that are orthogonally adjacent scores 3 additional points. Note that markers can be used in multiple pairs.


The player who plays last each round get a bonus point token