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Above your hand is a button which allows you to toggle on and off an Auto-Pass feature. When it's on (default), the game will not prompt you to react to a situation (card played, bump, land mine) if you do not have a relevant card (EIEI...NO, WOLF, etc). However, leaving this on does risk giving information to your opponents about if you do or don't have these cards in your hand. It may be switched on and off whenever you choose throughout the game.


Starting with the first player and moving clockwise, each player places one of their wooden sheep onto any Start Space. One sheep is permitted per space. This continues until all players’ sheep have been placed. (The "Quick Setup" game option randomly places sheep in starting spaces.)

On your turn:

On your turn, you must take two (2) actions. In addition, you also have the option to play or discard any number of cards from your hand. Card play is not considered an action. Actions and card play can occur in any order. If you play or discard cards, draw back up to four to end your turn.

Possible Actions:

Move one of your sheep onto a Field Tile (revealed or not).

Move one of the sheep on your Player Board from the Barnyard to the Barn.

Sheep Movement:

Sheep can move onto one adjacent tile at a time in any direction. If the tile you land on has not yet been revealed, flip that tile over. If it has been revealed, you can safely move onto that Field Tile. Sheep cannot move from the field back to a Start Space, unless a card forces or allows them to do so. Sheep cannot move from a Start Space to another Start Space. The same sheep can be moved twice in one turn (using both available actions). Two sheep cannot share the same Field Tile. If a sheep moves onto a tile that is already occupied by another sheep, the moving sheep will push the stationary sheep forward. This movement is known as “Bumping”.


If a sheep is bumped, it moves to the next adjacent tile in the direction in which it was bumped. Sheep that are bumped onto a tile that has not been revealed yet will be forced to reveal the tile and resolve the results (score points or move to a Barn, Barnyard or Graveyard). A sheep can be bumped onto another player’s revealed Barn Tile. A sheep cannot be bumped back onto a Start Space (either directly or through a bump chain-reaction). If a player’s sheep is bumped and a Land Mine Tile is revealed, they have the ability play a “Hero of the Herd” or “Am-Bah-Lance” card out of turn. Player then waits to draw back to four cards at the end of their next turn.


A player can choose whether or not to play cards on their turn. If cards are played, the used cards are placed into a discard pile next to the draw pile. There is no limit to the number of cards in your hand that you can play or discard on your turn. If cards are played or discarded, draw back up to four (4) cards at the end of your turn. Players can play certain cards out of turn (I.E. – Hero of the Herd, Am-Bah-Lance, EIEI…No). Players draw back to four (4) at the end of their own next turn.

End Game & Scoring:

Once a player has removed all of their sheep from the field, the remaining players take one (1) more turn. The game is now over. Note: If the active player bumps the last sheep from another player onto a tile (ie. Land Mine or Barn) that results in it being removed from the field, this would trigger the end of the game. The remaining players would take one more turn and the game would end. The current active player would not take another turn. Players then add up their points following the rules below:

  • +1 Point for each card of your player color left in your hand (including Wild Wool Card)
  • +1 Point for each sheep in your Barnyard
  • +2 Points for each sheep in your Barn that belongs to another player
  • +3 Points for each sheep in your Barn that belongs to you
  • -1 Point for each sheep in your Graveyard

The player with the highest score wins the game! In case of a tie, the player with the most sheep in their Barn wins.