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  • Board with a 4×4 grid.
  • 16 pieces with four characteristics each:
    • Light or dark;
    • Tall or short;
    • Circular or square; and
    • Solid or hollow.
  • Each possible combination of characteristics appears exactly once.
    • e.g. light & tall & circular & solid.
    • e.g. dark & short & square & hollow.

Game Play

  1. The opponent selects an unplayed piece.
  2. The player places the selected piece on an empty space.

Game End

  • The winner is the player who forms a line of four pieces that all share a characteristic.
    • i.e. not the opponent who selected the final piece.
    • e.g. all light.
    • e.g. all short.

Advanced variant

  • A 2×2 square of four pieces that all share a characteristic also wins.