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Ninety-Nine is a 3 player trick taking game. Players bid at the beginning of each hand and are awarded points for each trick they take, plus a bonus for making their bid exactly. The game is named after the maximum number of points which can be earned in one hand.

Bidding in Ninety-Nine is different from other trick taking games. Players bid on how many tricks they think they will win by privately setting aside 3 cards from their initial hand; the bid is based on the suit of those cards. Diamonds are 0, Spades are 1, Hearts are 2, and Clubs are 3. At the end of the hand, each player gets 1 point for each trick they took. If any player takes exactly the number of tricks that they bid, they have made their bid. Bonus points are awarded based on how many players make their bid: 30 points for one player, 20 points for two players, 10 points for 3 players.

Players also have the opportunity at the beginning of each hand to gain bonuses by either declaring their bid publicly, or revealing their entire hand and bid. Only one bonus can be taken per hand, and the bonus is only granted if that player makes their bid. If the player misses their bid, the other two players get the bonus instead.