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Create patterns in your shelf to score points via private and public goals. Public goals score by completely achieving, private goals are scored on how many elements you achieved e.g. 3 out of 5 elements will score you the 3 element achievement. In addition, groups of the same type score based on their quantity touching. The game end is triggered when one player finishes their shelf and scores a bonus point. All players get the same number of turns.


Take 1-3 items from the main board, these items must form a continuous row or column and must all have 1 free edge prior to taking anything (i.e. if a free edge is created because of taking, you cannot then take it)

All items taken will then be placed in a single column on your board, in an order of your choosing

The main board does not have new items added every turn, instead they will only be completely refilled if none of the items currently present touch each other