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For tips on how to play Mr Jack, see Tips_mrjack


  • All characters are placed suspect side up on the board, along with manholes, lit gaslights and police cordons.
  • Mr Jack draws an alibi. That is his identity.
    • The rest of the alibis are placed in a stack next to the board.
  • Mr Jack starts visible.

Game play

  • On odd rounds, the detective starts first. On even rounds, Mr Jack starts first.
  • Draw 4 character cards from the deck and place them next to the board. On odd rounds, shuffle the deck first.
  • The starting player chooses a character and activates their ability.
    • Then the opposite player chooses two characters and activates their abilities one by one.
    • Finally, the starting player activates the last ability.
  • Then, Jack must declare whether he is visible.
    • He is visible if he is next to a gaslight or another character.
    • According to his answer, the detective clears some people.
  • After that, some gaslights maybe shut off. Remove the lit token equal to the round number from the game.
  • Some special tiles have different effects. Obstacles cannot be crossed by anyone except Stealthy.
    • Police cordons block exits from available to escaping. Manholes can be used to travel to another manhole if not covered.

End of the Game

  • Once per game, the detective can move another character onto Jack and confronts him.
    • If the detective is right, they win. Otherwise, Jack wins.
  • If Jack escapes when he is invisible, he wins.
  • If eight rounds have passed and Jack is not caught, he wins.

Character Powers

  • Sherlock Holmes: Move 1 to 3 spaces, then draw the first card from the alibi deck and look at it secretly.
  • John Watson: Move 1 to 3 spaces then choose his final direction. All characters on the line (except Watson) are visible.
  • John Smith: Move 1 to 3 spaces. Must move a lit gaslight before or after moving.
  • Inspector Lestrade: Move 1 to 3 spaces. Must move a cordon before or after moving.
  • Miss Stealthy: Move 1 to 4 spaces. May cross any hex while moving, but must stop on a street hex.
  • Sergeant Goodley: Move 1 to 3 spaces. Must use 3 moves to move any characters towards him before or after moving.
  • Sir William Gull: Move 1 to 3 spaces. May swap places with any other character instead.
  • Jeremy Bert: Move 1 to 3 spaces. Must move a manhole cover before or after moving.