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Round Order

The game consists of exactly 12 rounds, symbolizing the 12 months in the Year of the Dragon. Each round consists of the following 4 phases, in order:

  • 1st Phase: Choose an Action
    • If you choose an action in the same grouping as another player has already chosen, you must pay 3 yuan.
  • 2nd Phase: Choose a New Person
    • If you do not have available space in any palaces, you must discard a different person before placing your new person.
  • 3rd Phase: Event
    • After the event resolves, any palaces which are unoccupied lose 1 floor.
  • 4th Phase: Scoring

End-of-round Scoring

  • 1 point for each palace.
  • 1 point For each court lady.
  • 1 point For each privilege. (Small privilege = 1 point; Large privilege = 2 points)

End-of-game Scoring

  • 2 points for each person tile.
  • For each monk: score [number of Buddhas] x [number of floors] points.
  • Each player sells back to the supply all of his rice and fireworks tiles for 2 yuan each. Afterward, each player earns 1 victory point for every 3 yuan he possesses.
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