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  • 55 nut cards (11 each of Walnuts, Hazelnuts, Sunflower seeds, Acorns, Peanuts)
  • 30 critters cards (6 each of Hamster, Groundhog, Beaver, Raccoon, Squirrel)
  • 1 crown token

Goal of the game

The winner is the first player to get five identical nut cards in their nut card collection. The game ends immediately and that player wins the game.


  • Shuffle all nut cards together to form the nut deck.
  • Give each player a set of 5 critter cards, each set containing one of each critter card (Hamster, Groundhog, Beaver, Raccoon, Squirrel).
  • Deal each player 3 random nut cards from the nut deck.
  • The player who is going first gets the crown token.

Game play

  • Each player secretly picks two of their critter cards and places them face down in front of themselves.
  • Once everyone has put down their two critters, the person with the crown must reveal one of their face down critters and resolve its effects (see critter descriptions below).
  • Play proceeds clockwise, with the player to the left of the crown revealing and resolving one of their face down critters, and continuing clockwise until everyone has played both of their cards.
  • The turn will go around the table twice since each player has two cards to resolve.
  • If an action causes a player to have no more face down cards when their turn comes they must pass, and play continues with the next player.
  • Once everyone has resolved both of their critter cards, each player takes their critter cards back into their hands, the crown is moved to the player to the left, and a new turn starts.

The critter cards


  • Draw the top nut card from the deck and add it to your collection


  • Pick a player and steal one of the nut cards from their collection. Add it to your collection.


  • When someone tries to steal one of your nut cards, if you have a face down Hamster card you can reveal it to cancel the theft: The opponent's Raccoon card remains revealed and has no effect, and the Hamster card remains face up and cannot be used to cancel further thieving attempts this turn.
  • If it is your turn to play and you only have your face down Hamster card remaining, you must reveal it and it has no effect.
    • Once revealed, it cannot be used to cancel further thieving attempts this turn.


  • The Groundhog repeats the effect of the other card you played this turn. If it was a Raccoon, you may target a different player.
  • The Beaver card cannot be repeated.
    • (If you played a Beaver first, the Groundhog is revealed and has no effect.)


  • When someone reveals a Beaver, all players who played a Beaver must reveal theirs.
    • If only one player played a Beaver this turn, they get to draw three cards from the nuts deck and adds them to their collection.
    • If more than one player played a Beaver this turn, every player who did NOT play a Beaver card draws one nut card from the deck and adds them to their collection.
      • If this results in several players getting their fifth identical nut cards on the same turn, the winner is the closest to the crown, in turn order.