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Get the most points in your city by multiplying the number of people (green icon) by the hearts (pink icon) on your cards.

This is done through purchases of buildings that make money (yellow coins) so you can buy buildings for people (green meeples) and the things that people love (pink hearts).

Choose your building types wisely (indicated by the little black-and-white icon in the upper right of the card) to qualify for a Special Building.

Once a player fills up their 10 building slots, finish out the round then multiply your people by your hearts to see who has built the happiest city!

End of Game Trigger

Once a player puts down the 10th city card, the round continues until the last player goes.

Note that the FIRST player is the one with the yellow "PREM'S" First Player token.


----- Income phase -----
At the start of the 1st player's ("PREM'S") turn, ALL players AT THE SAME TIME get the sum of the income symbols (yellow coins with small black arrows) on the bottom of the cards in their city.
Note: Since each player starts the 1st round with the Happy Market, they each receive 1 coin of income in addition to their 2 starting coins.

----- Action phase -----
Each player carries out these four steps in order, then the next player goes.
1. (optional) Discard ONE of the face up cards in the central "Buildings:" area (since no cards are visible at the start of round 1, the first player does not have this option).

2. If less than three cards are face up in the central "Buildings:" area, draw from any combination of decks until there are three cards showing. If a deck runs out, discarded buildings for that deck type will be shuffled back in.

Each deck type has Buildings in different price ranges indicated by the coins on the backs of the cards:

  •  1st row (28 cards costing 1-3 coins)
  •  2nd row (20 cards costing 4-5 coins)
  •  3rd row (18 cards costing 6-9 coins)

Each deck type also has different Building Type allocations indicated by the height of each building color on the backs of the cards (2 cards per 'floor'):

  •  Orange (18 Attractions - 2 in deck 1, 4 in deck 2, 12 in deck 3)
  •  Purple (8 Manufacturing - 4 in deck 1, 4 in deck 2, 0 in deck 3)
  •  Blue (18 Public Service - 8 in deck 1, 6 in deck 2, 4 in deck 3)
  •  Yellow (18 Shops - 12 in deck 1, 6 in deck 2, 0 in deck 3)
  •  Green (4 Housing - 2 in deck 1, 0 in deck 2, 2 in deck 3)

Note: Hovering over a deck will show how many cards are left in it.

3. Choose one of the following actions:

  •  Purchase one of the three visible "Buildings:" cards (it will be placed in the next available slot in your 10-slot city). Purchase costs are indicated by the the yellow coin in the top left of the card
  •  Or purchase a "Dwellings:" card (it will be placed in the next available slot in your 10-slot city)
  •  Or Purchase nothing and take one coin from the bank

Note: No city can have more than one building with the same name.

4. (optional) If you meet the conditions indicated by the Building Type icons/colors on the tops of the Special Buildings cards, you may CHOOSE to take a card from the "Special Buildings:" area (it will be placed in the next available slot in your 10-slot city).
Note: No city can have more than one Special Building card, and no city can have more than 10 buildings (even if your 10th building qualifies you for a Special Building).

End of Game Scoring

1. Count the number of full people (green) and hearts (pink).
2. Subtract one for for each crossed out person or heart.
3. Multiply the total people by the total hearts.

The player with the happiest city (the most points) wins!

Tie Breaker

If multiple players have equally happy cities, the player with the most coins left wins.
If multiple players have equally happy cities AND equal coins then celebrate your tie together!