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Earn more money than your opponents trading jewels in the bazaar. You can trade with 3 types of jewels: sapphires, rubies and emeralds. But be careful, because the prices change every round!

How to play

Each player starts with 30 grands (the currency of the game) and no jewels in hand.

The game consists of 27 rounds and each round has two phases:

  • Update bazaar prices
  • Trade jewels

Update bazaar prices

Players reveal the first Prices Card of the deck, then update the prices board according to the increments/decrements shown on the card by moving the meeples. These will be the jewels prices until the end of the round.

For each jewel type there are 9 Prices Cards incrementing their price (with a +1), 9 decrementing it (with a -1) and 9 without change (with a 0).

Trade jewels

The first player of the current round buys and/or sells all jewels they desire. Then other players, in clockwise order, take turns to make their tradings.

To trade jewels players must follow certain rules:

  • To buy jewels take them from the bazaar paying their current market price
  • To sell jewels return them to the bazaar earning their current market price
  • Players cannot buy jewels they cannot pay, as well as they cannot buy jewels not available in the bazaar
  • Players must buy at least one jewel each round, but they are not obliged to sell (unless they do not have enough money to buy)
  • Players cannot buy and sell same jewel type in the same round
  • Players can never have more than 4 jewels in hand. If they start their turn with 4 jewels they must sell some jewels before perform the required buy

End of the round

After all the players have taken their turn to trade the round ends. The player on the left of the first player is the first player of the next round. Play rounds until the last Prices Card is revealed.

End of the game

The game ends when the last Prices Card is revealed. All jewels price are 10 grands again and all players sell their remaining jewels at this price.

The player with most money wins. In case of tie, all the tied players share the victory.