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GOAL: Be the first player to finishing placing all your meeples on cities or objectives.

Hand limit is 6 cards. (Advanced version means you cannot have more than 2 power card in your hand).

On each turn, each player can take two actions. -draw a card -play a card You can perform the same action twice on your turn

There are 6 different types of Nature card. -when you play a Nature card, it allows you to play the corresponding land tile onto the board.

There are 2 types of Life card (animals and cities) -in order to place a city card, you must play it on the land tile that correspond to the city card's icon on the upper left corner AND meet at least 2 requirements indicated on the bottom of the city card. -Animal tokens that are placed on the land tile does not inactivate the land tile.

In the basic version, you can satisfy an additional city's requirement and place your meeple on the city card even if your opponent is on it. In the advanced rules, you would replace your opponent's meeple.