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Players alternate turns placing one token of their color on the board.

The tokens you place will form "species", which can devour each other following the order of the food chain displayed around the board.

When a token you place completes a shape, if it forms a species touching an opponent species directly following it in the food chain, the tokens of this "prey" species are devoured, and removed from the board.

Sample terminology (feel free to come up with something better) starting at the top:

 singleton eats 4-line (longline ?)
 4line eats propeller
 propeller eats diamond
 diamond eats snake
 snake eats arch
 arch eats sled
 sled eats key
 key eats triangle
 triangle eats 3-line (tripline ?)
 3-line eats 3-bend 
 3-bend eats pair
 pair eats singleton

The first player having devoured 20 of their opponent's tokens wins the game.

Another victory condition is to be unable to place a token (which means you managed to occupy the ecosystem with species of your color).

Remarks :

  • You may devour several instances of a same species at once, if the opportunity occurs.
  • A species may arise near one of its predators without risks. Predation action only occurs when a token is placed
  • You CANNOT create a species with a group of more than 4 tokens. Consequently, managing to own territory will limit your possible moves.