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Butterfly is very simple tile set collection game by Rio Grande. You take the hedgehog from tile to tile scoring points for the tiles you collect.


The player to the left of the starting player places the hedgehog. After the hedgehog has been placed players take turns moving the hedgehog forwards in a straight line as far as they wish. Before a move the hedgehog may be turned either to the left or the right. The player then collects the tile where they land. It is possible to skip over empty spaces but not to land on an empty space.

Butterfly Nets appear in empty spaces where tiles have previously been collected. If the hedgehog moves over an exposed butterfly net the player may choose to draw a tile from the bag.


Player-boards-butterfly front v1 Page 1.jpg

Butterflies score the number of points shown. (There are also colored x2 multipliers which multiply the score in that colour)

Dragonflies score only the highest dragonfly collected.

Lightning bugs score only the lowest lightning bug collected.

Grasshoppers score only the last grasshopper collected, previous tiles are discarded.

Flowers are each worth the number of collected flowers. (Example: if you have 4 flowers, each flower is worth 4 points = a total of 16 points in flowers.)

Bees are worth -3 without a hive to live in, and 0 if they have a honeycomb.

Honeycombs are worth 0 points without a bee, and the shown number with a bee.

Wasps are worth negative points as shown on each wasp tile.

End Game

The game is over when the hedgehog can no longer be moved. The player with the highest score at that time wins!