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Players roll dice to advance their pieces into their home base, after completed, resume by rolling dice to remove their pieces from the board. First player to clear all pieces from the board wins.


The game has a fixed setup, with opponent mirrored arrangement. Each players home row is opposite the other, and each will be moving in only one, opposite direction around the board (either clockwise or counter-clockwise).


Each roll of two dice can be played to advance one piece both numbers, the order chosen by the player, or split play as each die to advance one piece respectively. Should any number roll as double, player is able to play that number four times, as board will allow. Pieces cannot be moved to land on any space occupied by two or more opposing pieces. Your own pieces may accumulate in any quantity on your own occupied spaces.


Any piece stacked two or more is safe from capture. Any piece single on a space is vulnerable. Rolling number combination to land your piece on exposed opponent piece is a capture and token must sit out of play until a number roll allows entry into opposing home row (i.e farthest from own). No other piece may be moved until all captured pieces have re-entered the game.


Not yet added to game.

Backgammon games are played for 1 point. Matches are played with multiple points. When in Match play, if one opponent feels his game is so strong that he will most likely win, he "offers the cube". The other opponent can accept (in which case the game is worth double the current stakes) or decline (and the game ends in his loss). If a player accepted the cube, and his situation later improves, he can then "double", if he so desires. Players may go back and forth doubling in this way, but doubling more than 2 or 3 times in one game is very rare. This key feature will be added to the game shortly.