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Get the herd of baby dinosaurs off the Island before the volcano explodes!


At the start of the game each player draws three cards.

On your turn:

  1. When you have a lava card in your hand you must play it on your turn. Move the lava token one (1) space closer to the bottom.
  2. When you don't have a lava card, play an item card to move any dinosaur to the first corresponding space towards the island.
    • If there is already a dinosaur on the closest item space, move the dinosaur to the next available space.
    • If there are no unoccupied corresponding spaces left on the path, the dinosaur leaps to the island!
  3. Draw a new card (hand of three). The next player starts a new turn.

Game End

  • The players win once all the dinosaurs make it off the island.
  • The players lose if the lava token reaches the bottom and time runs out.


  • 6x Dino Egg
  • 6x Dino Print
  • 6x Fern
  • 6x Fish Bone
  • 6x Meat
  • 6x Snail
  • 13x Lava


The ELO to earn depends on the number of players and options.
The situation at the end of the game does not affect

players: P
tokens: T
time limit: TL
Removed item cards: C


   (Round down after the decimal point)

In other words

When "TL+C" is 0, the ELO to be earned are the "tokens×players"
In addition to this, if "TL+C" increases by 1, 25% ELO will increase.

   (Round down after the decimal point)