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The game lasts 6 rounds where you will be building the greatest Civilization you can to earn the most points.

Turn 1

First pick a civilization which has both an active (yellow) and passive (grey) ability along with the number of meeples it earns you on the side, any not picked gain 1 coin.

Secondly, you can take actions or rest. If you Rest, you gain 2 coins and 1 worker, but may only have a max of 4 workers in your supply. If you take actions, you pick the spaces you wish to go to, which generally come in 4 types: white space which only requires a number of workers, white space which requires workers and money, red space which will require a worker sacrifice, red space which require a sacrifice and money. White spaces give you your workers back at the end, red spaces do not.

Finally, activate any turn end abilities, if you have them. If you have more than 1 turn end ability, you may activate them in any order.

Turn 2-6

The second and third steps are the same as turn 1, with a difference to step 1.

You can either take a new civilization or not.

If you take a new civilization, you can either choose for it to be active (Rise) or passive (Annex). If it is active, it covers your previous civilization (which then loses its active ability but retains its passive one). If it is passive, it tucks under your previous civilization (which retains both abilities), and the new one adds only its passive ability.

If you make it active, it replaces your current worker supply with workers equal to its worker stats.

If you make it passive, it adds one worker to your current worker supply (with a max of 4 workers).

Important: You can only have 3 civilization cards in total. If you already own 3 you can only pass this step!

Round End

At end of a round, three things happen:

Firstly, the first player marker is shifted clockwise.

Secondly, the action options will shift, gaining one and losing another.

Thirdly, check the new card for top left symbols: If no symbol, nothing happens, if sword then a war will happen, if meeple then a plague will happen.

War: The player(s) with the least shields lose 1 worker.

Plague: Everyone loses 1 worker.

Final Round

At the end of the 6th round, you also activate any end game bonuses you may have collected.


Most workers. Then Most coins. If still tied, share victory.