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Your Workers are Dice.

You don't roll them (!). The numbers show their level - e.g., Level 1 (1 pip shown) is less powerful than Level 4 (4 pips shown).

On your turn, you take one Worker (die) and move it clockwise one, two, or three boards around the perimeter.

On each board, you can choose from three actions:

  1. Collect Cocoa: gain cocoa equal to the number of dice colours present plus one. Place your worker in the general area (i.e., not the Worship space) of the board. Cocoa is used to pay for other actions.
  2. Main action: pay Cocoa equal to the number of the dice colours present, then activate the benefit of the location (collect resources, build the pyramid, etc., check the "?" on the area for help). Then you can usually level up your Worker(s) according to the symbols (bluish die) shown. The Palace board has no main action space (the general area is used for collecting cocoa and ascensions).
  3. Worship: place your Worker in the coloured box to one side on each board. If another Worker is already present in the worship space, pay 1 Cocoa and unlock it. You gain either the top (temple track advancement) or bottom (discovery tile) benefit, or you can pay an additional Cocoa to gain both. Your Worker is now locked (cannnot be played, and doesn't count for Cocoa count). The Palace board has three Worship spaces, each with a mandatory benefit (you may pay one Cocoa to gain a discovery tile as well). The Technology board and the Pyramid board have no worship spaces.

Unlocking Workers: two methods: 1 - Instead of taking a normal turn, you may unlock all of your locked Workers for free 2 - You may pay 3 cocoa to unlock all locked Workers during a normal turn.

Ascension: When a Worker levels up to six pips, it immediately "ascends". Reset the die to 1 and place it in the general area of the Palace board, move your marker up one space on the Avenue of the Dead (burial track), gain an ascension benefit (they appear around the reserved dice to the right of the pyramid), and advance the white/light marker toward the black/eclipse marker.

Game End: The game ends after three eclipses (caused by the white marker reaching the black marker) or after the pyramid is completed, with each player getting (at least) one final turn.

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