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Turn Summary

  1. Card Selection
    1. Each player plays 3 cards face down.
    2. Players reveal them simultaneously.
  2. Risk Tokens
    1. The player with the most movement points takes a risk token. In case of a tie, no one takes a risk token.
    2. Another risk token is revealed if needed.
  3. Action Phase
    1. Players move their climbers using their played (green) cards.
    2. Placing a tent costs the same as the cost to enter that space.
    3. Players increase their climbers' acclimatization level using their played (blue) cards.
    4. The player with a risk token must suffer the consequences and either reduce their movement by that amount or, if they choose not to, subtract acclimatization points from a climber who had one or more cards assigned to this turn.
    5. Each climber's newly gained victory points are marked on the victory point track.
    6. Note the influence of weather on movement (only in winter weather)!.
  4. Acclimatization Checks
    1. Add/subtract acclimatization according to each climber's current space.
    2. A tent of the player's color adds +1 to acclimatization.
    3. Subtract acclimatization resulting from the current weather, if in the affected altitude zone.
    4. If acclimatization exceeds 6, it is reduced back to 6.
    5. If acclimatization drops below 1, the climber dies, losing any VP gained.
  5. End of Turn
    1. The starting player marker passes to the left.
    2. The weather marker moves to the next space.
    3. Draw 3 cards to have 6 again.


Total: 18 cards

  1. Acclimatization cards (Blue)
  2. Points 3 2 1 0
    Quantity 1 1 2 1 Total: 5
  3. Movement cards (Green)
  4. Points 3 2 1
    Quantity 2 3 5 Total: 10
  5. Rope cards (Green)
  6. Points 2|3 1|3 1|2
    Quantity 1 1 1 Total: 3