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Game Info

Dice Forge is a game about rolling your dice to collect resources. You can spend those resources to upgrade your dice, or perform Heroic Feats (purchase cards) that give you points and special powers.


  • Gold - Yellow - Used to upgrade your dice or to activate some reinforcements..
  • Sun Shards - Orange - Used to perform Heroic Feats (purchase cards) and take extra actions.
  • Moon Shards - Purple - Used to perform Heroic Feats (purchase cards).
  • Glory Points (GP) - Green - Contributes directly to your score; can be earned by rolling the appropriate dice face, activating certain reinforcements, and at the end of the game the Glory value of all collected cards is added to your score.

Terminology used in the game

  • Divine Blessing - The act of rolling both your dice and receiving the rolled resources.
  • Minor Blessing - Rolling a single die and receiving the rolled resources.
  • Reinforcements - After rolling their dice, the active player may use any special powers gained from purchased cards.

Auto-advance (Hammer)

If you have purchased The Blacksmith's Hammer card and enable the "Auto-advancement" button, Gold earned from any source will applied to the Hammer. If "Auto-advancement" is disabled, you will prompted to allocate Gold earned to either the Hammer or your inventory.

Taking Your Turn

On each player's turn, all players roll their dice and collect the rolled resources. (In a two-player game, players roll their dice twice before each player's turn.)

You are then allowed to perform one action:

  • Forge - Spend Gold to upgrade your dice. You can purchase any number of new die faces, but each face you buy must be unique. (Your dice may have duplicated sides, but the faces you purchase within a given Forge action must be different.)
  • Heroic Feat - Spend Sun and/or Moon Shards to purchase a single card. Place your Hero pawn on the pedestal containing the card you wish to purchase. If another player's pawn was on that pedestal, they receive a Divine Blessing and are returned to the central island. (This is known as "Ousting" their hero.)

Taking an additional action

Finally, the active player may spend two Sun Shards to take a second action if they wish; if they choose to take a second Heroic Feat action, they can perform the same or a different Heroic Feat.

Game End

You play 10 rounds with 3 players, and 9 rounds with 2 or 4 players. Much like in real life, the player with the most Glory Points at the end of the game wins.


If enabled, the following tiebreakers are implemented:

  1. Number of die faces forged.
  2. Number of Heroic Feats accomplished.
  3. Number of remaining resources.
  4. The player having started the game the earliest.

Rebellion Expansion

You have two different modules available to play. Will you join forces with the Titans in the titan module, or undertake Hera's labyrinth and take home even more treasure than before in the Goddess module? You can play with either one of the types and each plays very differently.

Titan Module

In the Titan module, you will gain victory points for being loyal to the gods and lose them for being loyal to the titans. However, siding will the titans will give you very powerful ancient shards!

Starting dice

Die faces will change include replacing the sun face with an ancient shard face, and the 2 victory point face with a face awarding 1 victory point and a loyalty.

Titan board

Everyone will start on the middle '0' space and will move up and down the track depending on the different tokens they earn. If one obtains an ancient shard, they will move one space to the left, whereas a loyalty point will move a player to the right. Bonuses obtained for different positions on the board are as follows:

  • Players obtain bonuses depending on the zone their player marker is in. Areas further to the left or right usually give stronger bonuses.
  • For titan zones, a player will obtain more victory points for obtaining the first heroic feat card they buy of a certain type. Obtaining a particular type of heroic feat card first will grant more victory points than if someone else already has purchased one of these.
  • For goddess zones, the bonuses apply to *die rolls.* The first area awards an additional 1 bonus gold to any type of blessing, which results in more gold. For the second area, gold rolls will also award a victory point. Lastly, the final area will give an extra victory point if a major or minor blessing awards victory points.

In addition to bonuses, there are also 'special paths' on the board. If a player lands on a spot with an additional path and moves in the same directions as the arrows on it, one must follow that direction.

At the end of the game, points will be awarded or deducted depending on the final position of your counter on the board.

Ancient shards and extra cards

Ancient shards are 'wild' shards - they can be either sun or moon shards! You can store up to 6 of them, as it is optional to use them when performing a Heroic feat. The heroic feat cards used in this module will contain 6 titan cards, which can affect the loyalty and ancient shards of yourself and other players.

Goddess Module

In Goddess Module, players enter the labyrinth of Hera and receive rewards.

  • Use the Sun Golem, the Moon Golem, the Time Golem and the Great Golem.
  • Replace the 1 moon shard with a moon advance.
  • When you roll a sun advance or a moon advance, move one space forward in the labyrinth. In case of a crosspath, you choose which path to take.
  • If you roll a sun advance and a moon advance at the same time, roll the celestial die once.
  • Some spaces have treasure chests. When you reach a treasure chest first, choose 10 glory points, 4 sun shards or 4 moon shards. Other players who reach this chest can only receive the lower reward.
  • If you reach the last space, you receive 15 glory points. If you are first to arrive, receive a divine blessing with you choosing the sides.