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In Blood Rage, each player controls their own Viking clan’s Warriors, Leader, and Ship. Ragnarök has come, and it’s the end of the world! It’s the Vikings’ last chance to go down in a blaze of glory and secure their place in Valhalla at Odin’s side! For a Viking there are many pathways to glory. You can invade and pillage the land for its rewards, crush your opponents in epic battles, fulfill quests, increase your clan's stats, or even die gloriously either in battle or from Ragnarök, the ultimate inescapable doom.

Based on Nordic Mythology

  • Odin - The Judging All-Father
  • Thor - The Glorious Victor
  • Loki - The Revengeful Trickster
  • Frigga - Resourceful Mother Protector
  • Heimdall - Surprising Brilliant God
  • Ragnarök - Fate of the Gods
  • Valhalla - Hall of the Dead
  • Yggdrasil - huge ash tree connected to 9 worlds
  • fjord - A narrow inlet of the sea, penetrating between high banks, cliffs

Regions and Provinces

  • Yggdrasil center province - holy ash tree
  • 3 regions with their provinces:
  • Alfheim grey region - land of the Elves
    • Andlang province - spiritual heaven
    • Gimle province - fire-shelter
  • Manheim yellow region - home of men
    • Myrkvlor province - dark enchanted forest
    • Elvagar province - ice-wave rivers
    • Angerboda province - harm-bidder
  • Jotunheim blue region - realm of giants
    • Utgard province - Outyards
    • Horgr province - altar, sanctuary
    • Muspelheim province - land of fire giants


  • Everyone starts with in their clan's reserve: a Leader, 8 Warriors, and a Ship. Each clan is identical.
  • 6 Rage (red - action points)
  • 3 Axes (blue - glory / points for a victorious battle)
  • 4 Horns (grey - figure limit on map)
  • These stats can be increased by pillaging provinces or completing quests.
  • Pillage reward tokens are placed in the center of provinces in all non-destroyed provinces.
  • Rage pillage tokens increase starting Rage for Age 2 and Age 3 if won.
  • Axes and Horns pillage tokens increase their respective clan stat by 1 immediately.

Drafting cards (till 6 in hand)

Each of the 3 rounds starts with players being dealt 8 cards, building up their deck by choosing a card and passing it to the next player, until they have a total of 6 cards. In Round 2 and 3 possibly 7 cards in hand if they kept 1 card from previous round. Newer cards, some of which are similar get more powerful in Age 2 and Age 3.

  • Green Quest cards if completed let you raise any one of your clan stats Rage, Axes, Horns plus give you anywhere from 5 to 11 glory.
    • Most Quests consist of having the most STR (strength) in at least one of the provinces of either the grey, blue, yellow regions or in Yggdrasil.
    • Some quests require having 4 destroyed figures in Valhalla before Ragnarok.
  • Black Upgrade cards
    • Leader Upgrade (1 slot) invades immediately
    • Warrior Upgrade (1 slot) invades immediately
    • Monster Upgrade i(2 slots) invades immediately
    • Ship Upgrade (1 slot) invades immediately
    • Clan Upgrade (3 slots) various powers and abilities to differentiate you from other clans
  • Red Battle cards increase your total STR (strength) in a battle. They are discarded if victorious or kept in hand if you lose.
  • Heimdall's Eye are Battle Cards with (+2) or (+3 in Age 3) and all have a filled in white circle.
  • These special battle cards that may be added (no limit) in addition to your initial battle card to increase your STR.

Action Phase (invade, march, upgrade, quest, pillage)

  • Invade an empty village in a province. Only the Dwarf Monster can invade Yggdrasil. Or invade a fjord where there is no ship limit.
  • March
  • Upgrade a Leader, Warrior, Monster, Ship or Clan card.
  • Quest play 1 quest hidden from others
  • Pillage - if attacker pillages and wins a battle they get glory plus the pillage reward token (Rage +1, Axes +1, Horns +1 or 5 Glory) which is then flipped over.
  • Players must play a battle card or any card to battle. Compare STR (strength) and the most STR wins.
  • All figures are destroyed and sent to Valhalla that participated in battle except the winner's. Winner loses battle card played.
  • If the attacker loses a battle no pillage is done, but the loser(s) opponent figures are destroyed and Glory is given. Loser(s) keep their battle card played.
  • If there is a tie everyone loses and all figures are destroyed. Battles cards are kept.
  • Call to Battle means adjacent figures can move a figure at a time into battle.
  • Even if they pass initially they can still keep moving until all players have passed.

When a player runs out of Rage no more actions can be taken. Not even the free actions Pillaging (attack) or Play a Quest card. If you pass, you lose all your Rage. May only battle if you have figures in a province being pillaged or Call to Battle by moving figures to adjacent provinces.

Discard Phase (down to 1 card)

Quests Phase (glory and raise clan stats)

Ragnarök in a predetermined province indicated by red destruction token)

2 glory per figure destroyed during Ragnarok

Release Valhalla Phase (figures back to Reserve)


  • Troll STR 2 (kills all Warriors when invading)
  • Sea Serpent STR 3 (counts as a ship)
  • Dwarf Chieftain STR 2 costs 0 rage to invade
  • Frost Giant STR 4 (gets pillage reward twice)
  • Fire Giant (kills all when invading except Monsters)
  • Dwarf Elf STR 1 (can invade Yggdrasil and STR 3 there)
  • Valour Witch STR 3 (can escape to Yggdrasil instead of being destroyed)