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Bids is a card game for 3 to 6 players where you are bidding in 10 turns for the black cards in the middle of the table. There are two ways of scoring points (see scoring). The colors have no meaning in the basic version, only for Color Bids (see below).


The highest bid wins the number of points that are in the middle, but has to start bidding for the next card.

Players can also choose to go for the 'lucky loser points' by not obtaining any black point cards. The game is played in several rounds of 10 turns, and the lucky loser points increase by the number of rounds you are able to avoid any black cards. The lucky loser points also depend on the number of players in the game:

  • 3 players: 12 points x number of zero-rounds
  • 4 players: 8 points x number of zero-rounds
  • 5 players: 8 points x number of zero-rounds
  • 6 players: 7 points x number of zero-rounds

Black cards in the hand of a player

Depending on the number of players, there are some black cards in the hand of the players.

  • 3 players: 1 card
  • 4 players: 1 card
  • 5 players: 2 cards
  • 6 players: 3 cards

Players also have to bid with this black card. The points of the black card are added to the value of the trick and are won by the highest bidder (the black card itself can also win). Example:

  • Players are bidding for black 5.
  • Player 1 plays red 5.
  • Player 2 plays green 4.
  • Player 3 plays black 7.

This means that player 3 wins 7 + 5 points.

2x Card

This card doubles all points that you have at the moment when you win this card. Points obtained later are not doubled.

Ally Card

It is recommened to add the Ally Card in games with 5 and 6 players. This white card will be in the hand of one of the players. When a players plays this card, he or she will be allies with the winner of tha trick. Being allies means that at the end of the round all your points are summed and divided by 2.

Color Bids

In Color Bids wins the highest card of the color that appears the most on the table. Example:

  • Player 1 plays red 5.
  • Player 2 plays green 4.
  • Player 3 plays yellow 7.
  • Player 4 plays green 5.

Player 4 wins because there are 2 green cards on the table and he played the highest green card.

Lowest Card

When this black card is added to the game, the lowest card (instead of the highest) wins from the moment this card appears.

Surprise Card

This black card has a question mark on it. This means that players are bidding fo the next black card, without knowing what this card will be.