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Set Up:

Each player receives five Unit cards and two Air Strike cards. Then choose to replace two of them.

Player's Turn:

1 Draw two cards (don't draw if there is no card left)

2 Play two cards (only draw 1 and play 1 in the start player's first turn)

When you play an air strike, simply remove an opposite unit from the board.

When you play a unit, it must be supplied.

A unit is supplied if it is either

(a) placed in your base.

(b) an orthogonally adjacent friend unit is supplied

There are two exceptions: Special force is supplied by diagonally adjacent units, and Paratrooper can be placed anywhere other than in opponent's base. (But a Paratrooper can only supply other units if it is supplied)

After you place a unit, it must attack an enemy unit if possible.

The killed unit must be in its attack range, and also in a friend unit's support range.

Exceptions are Tank and Artillery, they don't need support to kill an enemy in range.

Game End:

When a player places a unit in opponent's base, he wins the game immediately.

If both players have no cards in hand and in deck, the game ends, the player with more units in play wins.