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Playing Turns

To start: Place your initial tile on your park area. (It must fit on the board and not cover a pit.)

In later turns, place any tile you have obtained on your park area, touching at least one edge of a previously placed tile. It still must fit on the board and not cover a pit.

If you do not have any tiles, you must pass. After passing, you must take a Green Area of your choice, and then end your turn.

Covering icons

When any portion of a tile covers an icon on the park board, you get a reward from the group supply.

  • Green wheelbarrow: Gain a Green Area (1 to 3 squares) of your choice.
  • White cement truck: Gain an Animal House tile (4 squares) or a Green Area (1 to 3 squares) to your supply. Animal Houses earn victory points when placed.
  • Orange excavator: Gain an Enclosure tile (5 squares) to your supply. Enclosures earn victory points when placed.
  • Construction crew: Gain a new park area and place it immediately. It must border an existing area and not be at a level lower than your entrance.

When you fill any park area completely, you earn a bear statue worth victory points. Finishing a park area earlier is worth more victory points.

The game end is triggered when a player completes all four of their Park Areas. Each other player gets one more turn and then counts up their points. Most points wins!


Most experienced Bärenpark players like to play with achievements. 3 random achievements are placed under the supply area. Hover over the achievements to see what is required to earn them. (Long press on mobile). Completing achievements earlier is worth more victory points.

End of game

The player with the most points wins. In case of a tie, the tied players total the point values on the tiles left in their supply (which they did not place)-the highest-value total breaks the tie. If still tied, there are multiple winners.

Pit variant

As an expert variant, you can cover up pits on your last turn, though you won't get the bear bonus for a tile with its pit covered up.