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player.handSizeCounter.create('hand_size_player_' + player_id);
player.handSizeCounter.create('hand_size_player_' + player_id);

== updateCounters(counters) ==
== Update counter ==


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Don't forget to add "ebg/counter" as a dependency:

   // in you game js
   "ebg/counter"    /// <==== HERE],

Setup a counter

player.handSizeCounter = new ebg.counter(); player.handSizeCounter.create('hand_size_player_' + player_id);

Update counter


Players panels

Adding stuff to player's panel

First, create a new JS template string in your template (tpl) file.

From the Gomoku example:

var jstpl_player_board = '\<div class="cp_board">\
    <div id="stoneicon_p${id}" class="gmk_stoneicon gmk_stoneicon_${color}"></div><span id="stonecount_p${id}">0</span>\

Then, add this piece of code in the setup function of your JS file to add this template to each player panel:

            // Setting up player boards
            for( var player_id in gamedatas.players )
                var player = gamedatas.players[player_id];
                // Setting up players boards if needed
                var player_board_div = $('player_board_'+player_id);
       this.format_block('jstpl_player_board', player ), player_board_div );

Often, you have to distinguish between the current player and other players. In this case, create another JS template (ex: jstpl_otherplayer_board) and use it where "player_id" is different than "this.player_id".