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Throwing of Sticks

The chances of getting every number (1-5) is actually different. Some beginners have the misunderstanding that their probability is all 1/5.

  • Chances of throwing 1: 1/4 25%
  • Chances of throwing 2: 3/8 37.5%
  • Chances of throwing 3: 1/4 25%
  • Chances of throwing 4: 1/16 6.25%
  • Chances of throwing 5: 1/16 6.25%

What if you drowned?

That's bad! But should you return or not?

If you have only one stone left, of course not. Getting back from field 15 costs u more time actually than attempting to escape.

But if you have at least 3 stones, it is better to return than to drown for several turns.