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Tips sapiens

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Game End Condition: Game ends when Common Pool and Stack of Dominoes are both empty. End the Current Turn so that all players have played same number of turns. You will have leftover tiles.

Winning: Keep in mind while playing that the greater of your two scores is removed as well as your opponents.

Scene Bonuses:

Bones - White - Feast - Play one additional tile, but do not gain FP or Scene Bonuses linked to it. May be used to join to a cave and score SP.

Tree - Green - Picking - Can only play on forest tiles. Add +1 FP in addition to other FPs. Token: Play Picking tile on Plain.

Rock - Gray - Ritual - Take a Mountain token from your board. If none available, take back one already used.

Fist - Red - Fight - Place a fight token on a tile, either in own or opponent pool. When tile is played owner of fight token wins 1 FP and player which places token loses 1 FP.

Water - Blue - Water - Swap a tile in your pool with any tile in another player's pool or the Common Pool.

House - Orange - Camp - +3 SP.

Mammoth - Brown - Hunt - Take a Steak token form the pool then convert any or all Steak tokens into FP. 1 3 5 7 10 FPs for 1 2 3 4 5+ Steaks respectively. Token: Just take a steak, not able to then convert.

Flame - Yellow - Fire - Take a Bear token from your Pool and lay it on another player's Personal Board. Must be on a free square, adjacent to any tile already in play. Score as many SP as tiles connected to bear token. OR Remove a Bear token from your board.