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Tips parks

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For the rules of parks, see GameHelpParks


  • Remember that the last hiker must go to the end on their turn.
  • Use this to force a slow player to end the season.
  • Also remember that if the last 2 hikers are yours, you can visit every space along the way.
  • Photos are a great way to turn extra resources into points.
  • Gear that lets you take more pictures results in even more points.
  • Use the campfire refresh to your advantage if possible. You can refresh your campfire once. Therefore you have a total of two campfires to use to maximize what you can gain from a trip.
  • Drawing from the top of the pack (reserve a park) gives you something to aim for if you don't have the right payment when your first hiker is forced home. It's better than reserving from the revealed cards if everyone is in trouble.