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===Diagon Alley isn't just for Harry Potter===
====Diagonals Everywhere!====
====Diagonals Everywhere!====

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1. The numbers adjacent to your top left and bottom right should be as close to those numbers as possible.

2. Placing equal numbers on a (bottom-left to top-right) diagonal does not reduce your options in any meaningful way, so it should be aimed for.

3. Be Lucky.

4. Win with pride but lose with dignity

Diagonals Everywhere!

💡 Create a middle diagonal (bottom-left to top-right) of tens (plus or minus-ish). That will divide the board into places for 1-10 and 10-20. A place for everything and everything in it's place.

💡 Go further, create 3 middle diagonals: 5-10-15 (plus or minus-ish). Such an orderly room. Now put away all your toys.

Have lots of fun and do not hate people!