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Tips dragonwood

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Basic Strategy

  • Get useful enchantments such as the Clock of Darkness, Sliver Sword, Bucket of Spinach or Ghost Disguise as soon as possible. You will find them useful later.
  • After you get 1 or 2 enchantments, you should try to capture as many creatures as possible. Even if the score is low, getting a lot can help you to get the final bonus.
  • When the dragon is near (<10 cards left), reload to prepare for it.

When to Reload?

  • If you have less than 4 cards, it is highly suggested to reload.
  • If you cannot decide on a good target, reload.
  • If you are preparing for an important target (e.g. cloak of darkness or a dragon) but it doesn't appear for now, reload.

When to Capture?

  • If you have a nearly full hand, usually you will capture.
  • If you have a good combo (half the points needed), capture.
  • If an opponent is planning to take a card (and you have a chance to get it), capture.

Which Method is the Best?

  • Chances: Getting a 3-card strike with 3 cards is 3.7%, while getting a 3-card scream with 3 cards is 3.2%. However, getting a 2-card stomp with 3 cards is 19.6%--maybe good to aim when the capture value is low!
  • Capture Value: For 8 of the landscapes strike has a higher value than scream, for 8 of the landscapes the opposite, and for the rest the same. Therefore they are of equal balance. Stomp has a significantly lower number, therefore for some cards it is more appealing.

Are Enchantments Good?

  • If the game is going to end soon, surely they are a bad choice. Don't even think about it.
  • But at the beginning of the game, you can calucate the potental number of captures to make by (score of creature of same value)/(bonus/1.7).
  • For exapmle, for magical unicorn, if you will use it for at least 5 times it is good, otherwise leave it away.
  • Overall, enchantments are appealing but not overwhelmly so.