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Studio logs

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BGA Studio logs are available directly from your game development interface.

Logs allows you to check out what happened recently on server and to debug your game.

BGA request&SQL logs

On this log, you can see:

Your requests


 20/06 21:50:56 [info] [T403] [4/mytest0] /cinco/cinco/exchange4Cards.html?id=4&lock=97d1c7a1-903a-4d1f-8206-de39ce8204fc&table=403&testuser=4&dojo.preventCache=1371757856044

Note that the best way to check your Ajax request is to read the [Input/Output section].

Request responses


 20/06 21:50:56 [notice] [T403] [4/mytest0] OK-0 169 d141 c8 e0 I9 A158 V0 T0 /cinco/cinco/exchange4Cards.html?id=4&lock=97d1c7a1-903a-4d1f-8206-de39ce8204fc&table=403&testuser=4&dojo.preventCache=1371757856044

You can recognize a response because it contains [notice]. Usually, there is one response for each request.

Let's details the beginning of the log:

* 20/06 21:50:56: the date
* [notice]
* [T403]: this is a log from table 403
* [4/mytest0]: this is use "mytest0", with id 4
* OK-0: it means that the request ended up successfully, with no exception (expected or unexpected).
* 169: this is the time taken to process the request (169ms).
* d141: this is the total Database time used to process the request (141ms).