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Studio file reference

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This is a quick reference for the files used to implement a game. For more information, edit the file and read the introductory comment.

'img' directory

This directory contains the images for your game (the game art).

In this file you describe the meta-information for your game: game name, publisher name, number of player, game categories, etc...


File for creating specific database tables that you will need to persist data during the game (for example a table for cards).

File for describing your game options (= game variants)


File used to describe methods that can be called from the client interface through javascript, get parameters and call the appropriate game functions.


CSS styles specific to your game.


This is the main file for your game logic. Here you initialize the game, persist data, implement the rules and notify changes to the client interface.


This is the main file for your game interface. Here you will define:

  • which actions on the page will generate calls to the server
  • what happens when you get a notification for change from the server and how it will show in the browser.

<gamename>.view.php and <gamename>_<gamename>.tpl

Files used to set up the page layout ('view') for the game.

File used to describe all the game material (cards with their description, dices, tokens...). You can also use it to define game constants.

This file describes the game states machine of your game (all the game states properties, and the transitions to get from one state to another).

File used to list statistics that you want to update during the game to be presented to players at the end of the game.