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30 May 2023

     18:54  Gamehelparchitectsofthewestkingdom diffhist +577 Fruktansvärt talk contribs Tag: Visual edit: Switched
     14:38  Gamehelparknova diffhist +139 Heraldson talk contribs
     13:02  Tips eminentdomain diffhist +1,427 Xmakina talk contribs (Added some hints) Tag: Visual edit
     11:07  Gamehelpfifteendays diffhist −589 Darkfinale talk contribs (Improved upon wording and elaboration of all sections on this page. I have played this game on BGA and am currently ranked #12 on the website. User: darkfinale) Tag: Visual edit

29 May 2023

     11:28  Help‎‎ 2 changes history +410 [ArielFriedrichGauss‎ (2×)]
11:28 (cur | prev) +379 ArielFriedrichGauss talk contribs (→‎Games)
05:45 (cur | prev) +31 ArielFriedrichGauss talk contribs (→‎Games)

28 May 2023

N    22:27  Tips farkle‎‎ 2 changes history +2,424 [LToft‎ (2×)]
22:27 (cur | prev) +4 LToft talk contribs (No minor straigth in the online rules) Tag: Visual edit
22:19 (cur | prev) +2,420 LToft talk contribs (Make strategic decisions based on risk and reward to win the game of Farkle)
     18:51  Gamehelpexpeditions diffhist +18 Kevan talk contribs (fix markup, bullets do not currently appear on BGA per
N    17:13  Gamehelpisleoftrainsallaboard‎‎ 7 changes history +4,233 [Contig‎ (2×); Hulb‎ (5×)]
17:13 (cur | prev) +4 Hulb talk contribs
17:12 (cur | prev) +3 Hulb talk contribs
17:12 (cur | prev) +753 Hulb talk contribs
16:43 (cur | prev) +425 Hulb talk contribs
16:33 (cur | prev) +710 Hulb talk contribs
04:41 (cur | prev) 0 Contig talk contribs (→‎-=Deliver to a Primary Contract==)
04:40 (cur | prev) +2,338 Contig talk contribs (Created page with "Note: Rules are a rough draft -- please also refer to rule book ==How to play== On your turn, you can do two of the below actions, including the same action twice. At turn end, the market refreshes and that player can keep at most 6 cards in their hand. ==Take== Take a card from the face up display, the deck, or a passenger from the bag. ==Load== Loading allows you to add cargo to your cars or an opponent's cars, using cards in your hand. (Bonus load actions must be o...")
     15:32  Gamehelptaluva‎‎ 2 changes history +234 [Quietmint‎ (2×)]
15:32 (cur | prev) +115 Quietmint talk contribs (Score calculation)
15:30 (cur | prev) +119 Quietmint talk contribs (Score calculation) Tag: Visual edit: Switched

27 May 2023

 m   19:43  Gamehelpexpeditions diffhist +16 Joeadultman talk contribs (I changed the "he/him" pronouns to the singular they to be more inclusive of all players.) Tag: Visual edit
N    07:35  Tips arknova‎‎ 2 changes history +3,769 [Morakie‎; Drfactory‎]
07:35 (cur | prev) +3,755 Morakie talk contribs (Page was empty, Added TIps) Tag: Visual edit
05:59 (cur | prev) +14 Drfactory talk contribs (Created page with "please fill in")

26 May 2023

 m   17:46  Gamehelpempireplateau diffhist +1 Frances Games talk contribs (→‎Overview)
     09:23  Tips noneshallpass diffhist +2,690 Romain672 talk contribs (Changed the whole page) Tag: Visual edit

25 May 2023

 m   14:43  Gamehelperiantys diffhist +1 Toastcrumbs talk contribs (you -> your) Tag: Visual edit
     12:32  Wiki formatting diffhist +11 Kevan talk contribs (note this is not official BGA advice)
     12:21  Gamehelparcticscavengers‎‎ 2 changes history +129 [Kevan‎ (2×)]
12:21 (cur | prev) +111 Kevan talk contribs (→‎HQ expansion: add bullet points and formatting, workaround for
12:18 (cur | prev) +18 Kevan talk contribs (→‎Recon expansion: formatting to read better on BGA)
 m   05:10  Gamehelpchallengers diffhist +14 GTSchemer talk contribs (→‎Match Phase) Tag: Visual edit
 m   04:15  Gamehelparknova diffhist +10 Kismit talk contribs (→‎Upgraded Build Action: add "different" to multiple buildings) Tag: Visual edit

24 May 2023

     10:41  Gamehelppi diffhist −120 Shadowphiar talk contribs (Remove "the rules imply you can solve only once" - they really don't.) Tag: Visual edit
     09:37  Gamehelpcentury diffhist +18 Kevan talk contribs (→‎Gameplay: heading depth as a workaround for, clarify cubes)