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31 March 2023

N    14:03  Gamehelpethnos‎‎ 2 changes history +4,539 [Hulb‎ (2×)]
14:03 (cur | prev) +5 Hulb talk contribs
14:02 (cur | prev) +4,534 Hulb talk contribs (Created page with "===Overview=== An area control game for 2-6 players, which randomly uses 6 of the 12 available tribes each game, and lasts 3 Ages (2 in 2 or 3 player) ===A New Age=== Leave all Control Markers from the previous Age Discard all bands and reshuffled the deck Each player receives 1 card Then a market of cards equal to double the player count is revealed The Dragons are shuffled into the lower half of the remaining draw deck ===Turn=== On your turn, you either: a...")
     13:18  Help diffhist +64 SitDownGames talk contribs (Add Tiwanaku in the list) Tag: Visual edit
     13:13  Gamehelplittlefactory diffhist +63 Hulb talk contribs
     12:54  Gamehelptwinpalms diffhist +8 Hulb talk contribs
     05:45  Gamehelpboop diffhist +137 CalculatorStore talk contribs (tried to use the same language in overview and Turn sections and avoid ambiguity of using row as horizontal vs any line. grouped rules with bullets for additional notes (not sure if they will show up correctly on the main page)) Tag: Visual edit
     00:46  Gamehelprolltothetopjourneys diffhist +11 BillFraser talk contribs (→‎Action Die Particulars) Tag: Visual edit
     00:44  Gamehelpstreets‎‎ 2 changes history +2 [Wmjosiah‎ (2×)]
00:44 (cur | prev) −2 Wmjosiah talk contribs (→‎Turn: grammar corrections) Tag: Visual edit
00:42 (cur | prev) +4 Wmjosiah talk contribs

30 March 2023

     18:12  Gamehelpsticktocolours diffhist +134 Jonathan2004 talk contribs (Fix bidding rule) Tag: Visual edit
     17:05  Gamehelpastra‎‎ 2 changes history +1,056 [Devrsw‎ (2×)]
17:05 (cur | prev) −60 Devrsw talk contribs Tag: Visual edit: Switched
16:58 (cur | prev) +1,116 Devrsw talk contribs (Added 2 player rules for the Dreamer player.) Tag: Visual edit
     09:27  Gamehelphanamikoji diffhist +22 Ufm talk contribs
     00:19  Gamehelplegendraiders diffhist 0 Pidaydev talk contribs

29 March 2023

 m   18:09  Gamehelpdiceathlon diffhist +2 Cotton talk contribs (→‎Sport Climbing: change "of" to "off") Tag: Visual edit
     00:43  Tips marrakech diffhist +238 Blockmonoid talk contribs (added more info on the relative probabilities of the rolls. Minor edits to the other wording.) Tag: Visual edit

28 March 2023

N    19:01  Gamehelphanamikoji‎‎ 2 changes history +3,274 [Ez0ah‎ (2×)]
19:01 (cur | prev) −2 Ez0ah talk contribs Tag: Visual edit
19:00 (cur | prev) +3,276 Ez0ah talk contribs (Created page with "In Hanamikoji, two players compete to earn the favors of the seven geisha masters by collecting the performance items with which they excel. With careful speculation and sometimes a few bold moves, you may earn the essential items by giving away the less critical ones. Can you outsmart your opponent and win the most favors of the geisha? == Overview == The aim is to win 4 Geisha or 11 (or more) Charm Points. You and your opponent take turns to perform actions to get di...") Tag: Visual edit
N    18:47  Gamehelpcrimezoom diffhist +3,924 Gameryeehaw talk contribs (created page) Tag: Visual edit
N    17:12  Tips boop diffhist +74 Barbanz talk contribs (game tip)
     15:50  Gamehelpakropolis‎‎ 2 changes history +1,732 [Hulb‎ (2×)]
15:50 (cur | prev) +1 Hulb talk contribs
15:49 (cur | prev) +1,731 Hulb talk contribs
     14:07  Gamehelpspiteandmalice‎‎ 3 changes history +68 [Ufm‎ (3×)]
14:07 (cur | prev) +20 Ufm talk contribs Tag: Visual edit
08:19 (cur | prev) +5 Ufm talk contribs Tag: Visual edit
08:18 (cur | prev) +43 Ufm talk contribs
     05:19  Gamehelparknova‎‎ 6 changes history +1,394 [Contig‎ (6×)]
05:19 (cur | prev) +24 Contig talk contribs (→‎Upgraded Build Action) Tag: Visual edit
05:15 (cur | prev) +29 Contig talk contribs (→‎Conservation Projects) Tag: Visual edit
05:10 (cur | prev) +44 Contig talk contribs (→‎The Cards Action) Tag: Visual edit
05:09 (cur | prev) +9 Contig talk contribs (→‎The Animals Action) Tag: Visual edit
05:03 (cur | prev) +1,315 Contig talk contribs Tag: Visual edit
03:59 (cur | prev) −27 Contig talk contribs (→‎What To Do On Your Turn) Tag: Visual edit

27 March 2023

N    22:56  Gamehelpakropolis‎‎ 2 changes history +177 [Aargh‎ (2×)]
22:56 (cur | prev) +10 Aargh talk contribs Tag: Visual edit
22:53 (cur | prev) +167 Aargh talk contribs (Created page with "Houses - blue: largest group Markets - yellow: not adjacent to other markets Barracks - red: on the edge of the city Temples - purple: surrounded Gardens - green: all")
     12:10  (Upload log) [Romain672‎ (2×)]
12:10 Romain672 talk contribs uploaded a new version of File:BandidoFoverII.jpg
11:57 Romain672 talk contribs uploaded File:BandidoFoverII.jpg
     12:04  Tips bandido diffhist +607 Romain672 talk contribs (+1tip: pattern F over II) Tag: Visual edit

26 March 2023

     23:10  Tutorial gomoku‎‎ 3 changes history +453 [Blacktango‎ (3×)]
23:10 (cur | prev) +26 Blacktango talk contribs (→‎Add some counters in the player panels)
22:53 (cur | prev) +335 Blacktango talk contribs (→‎Manage states and events)
22:12 (cur | prev) +92 Blacktango talk contribs (→‎Set up the board)
     23:09  (Upload log) [Blacktango‎ (2×)]
23:09 Blacktango talk contribs uploaded File:Stone icons.png(Icons used in Gomoku tutorial, displayed in player board section)
22:09 Blacktango talk contribs uploaded File:Goban.jpg(Goban board used in the Gomoku tutorial)
     20:29  Setting up BGA Development environment using VSCode diffhist +566 Victoria La talk contribs (→‎Navigation/Auto-complete)
 m   18:28  Gamehelplineit diffhist −9 Hulb talk contribs
N    18:24  Gamehelpspiteandmalice diffhist +886 Hulb talk contribs (Created page with "===Overview=== The aim is to be the first to empty your pay-off pile (labelled Goal Deck) ===Turn=== First, play as many cards as you wish to the central play piles Finally, play a single card to one of your 4 side piles to end your turn (You cannot play a pay-off card to this area). The side piles can be in any order, but you can only use cards in this area from the top of each pile ===Play Piles=== The piles aren't suit based, but have to be played from Ace, the...")
N    17:18  Gamehelpvolto‎‎ 3 changes history +945 [Hulb‎ (3×)]
17:18 (cur | prev) +20 Hulb talk contribs
17:16 (cur | prev) +1 Hulb talk contribs
17:16 (cur | prev) +924 Hulb talk contribs (Created page with "===Overview=== Your aim is to either have your candidate reach the opponent's start line, remove your opponent's candidate, or have your opponent take both your ladies ===Turn=== On your turn, move one of your masks either to an empty space or onto an opponent's mask, capturing it ===Capture=== If you capture a Noble, Advisor, or Soldier, the captee is removed from the board If you capture a Lady, BOTH the captee and captor are removed from the board If you capt...")
 m   16:03  Gamehelpastra diffhist −15 Ez0ah talk contribs Tag: Visual edit
 m   14:55  Gamehelprainforest‎‎ 2 changes history 0 [Ez0ah‎ (2×)]
14:55 (cur | prev) 0 Ez0ah talk contribs (→‎Gameplay) Tag: Visual edit
14:54 (cur | prev) 0 Ez0ah talk contribs Tag: Visual edit