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The objective is to correctly predict the number of tricks you will take in each round, in order to receive points. Highest score wins!


  • Shuffle all 60 cards, include 4 wizards and 4 jesters.
  • Deal a number of cards equal to the round number to each player. The next card turned up is trump.
  • If the card is jester, there is no trump. If the card is wizard, the dealer chooses the trump. At the last round there is no trump.
  • Each player, starting from the player to the left of the dealer, bids a number of tricks he is going to take.
  • The player to the left of the dealer starts the first trick and leads any card. If the card led is a wizard, it must win. If it is a jester, the next card played decides the lead suit. If only jesters are played, the first jester wins.
  • Players must follow suit if possible. If a player cannot follow, he may play another suit, including the trump suit. Wizards and jesters can be played at any time.
  • A trick is won by the first wizard played. If there is no wizards, it is won by the highest trump. Else, it is won by the highest card of the lead suit. The winner of a trick leads the next trick.


  • If a player predicts correctly, he scores 20 points, plus 10 points for each trick taken.
  • If a player predicts wrongly, he loses 10 points for each over or under trick.

End of Game

  • When all the cards are dealt out in a round, that round is the last.
  • That means there are 20 rounds with three players, 15 rounds with four, 12 rounds with five and 10 rounds with 6.
  • At the end of the game, the player with the highest score wins.