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Village expansion explanation via sean johnson:

The most common building are the farmhouses. The farmers elect a sheriff from among the other farmers and the sheriff gets two votes during the end of the day phase. Many of the other village pieces come into varieties: Persistent Powers and one time use powers. Some examples of persistent powers are the School marm, the bailiff, and the barkeep. The School marm gets to pick two people who are not allowed to vote. When the occupant of a building is killed, the bailiff gets to give the building to one of the homeless players. The barkeep is an unique ability. The barkeep is so popular that he can not be eaten by the werewolves or lynched by the mob, as long as he maintains his popularity. To maintain popularity the barkeep can not vote with the majority that gets someone lynched. However, the bar keep must always cast their vote first.

The one time use powers, can obviously only be used once. If a power is used, and the bailiff later assigns that building to a new person the power comes back. Some examples of these powers are the Lord and barber. Because of ancient feudal privilege, the Lord may use his token to pardon one person who is about to be lynched (including themselves). If this is used then no one is executed by the village for that round. The barber has the ability to do some vigilante justice by having a shave come a little to close. The barber can turn his token and pick one other player to kill. If the Barber kills a werewolf in this way, then they are a hero and there is no lynching that round. If he is wrong and kills an innocent, than the village automatically lynches the barber. There are a few other buildings with persistent and single use abilities, but there is already a description of those on the main entry page for the game.