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Differences between BGA version and real game version :

Poland 1939

Difference Impact
Nothing None

Scandinavia 1940

Difference Impact
National will is used for Denmark and Norway None

France 1940

Difference Impact

⇒ Rule not implemented :

• In the first turn’s Operations Phase, the Axis faction must attack or move into Belgium, Netherlands, France, or the UK.

It would be a waste of time if the axis faction didn't. ⇒ Rule modified :

• At the end of the May-40 Axis Operations Phase, put the France 2 Air unit in a friendly city in France.

Mobilization of France 2 Air unit occurs only after Axis does attack or move into Belgium, Netherlands, France, or the UK.


Balkans 1941

Difference Impact
Nothing None

Mediterranean 1940-1942

Difference Impact

⇒ Rule modified :

No Surprise Attack marker is used

A Surprise Attack marker is used.


French North Africa 1942-1943

Difference Impact
Not implemented

France 1944

Difference Impact
Nothing None

USSR 1941

Difference Impact

⇒ Rule modified :

Maps Used: East

Both maps are used. ⇒ Rule not implemented :

• In addition to standard supply sources, a Transport Line hex on the west edge of the map serves as an Unlimited Supply Source for an Axis unit.
  That’s Axis, not just German.
• In addition to standard Mobilization Locations, a Transport Line on the west edge of the map serves as a Mobilization Location for a German unit.
  Unlike supply above, it’s German only.

Useless, both maps are used. ⇒ Rule modified :

• A Hungarian unit mobilizes in hex 3234.

Budapest can be used too. ⇒ Rule modified :

• Emergency Mobilization: At the end of the Jun-41 Axis Operations Phase...

Occurs only after Axis does attack, move or place a marker in USSR.


USSR 1941-1944

Difference Impact
Same as USSR 1941 (TO-FIX: Mobilization of Italian unit) Minor

Soviet vs. Western 1945-1946

Not implemented

| Main Event 1939-194? | ⇒ Rule not implemented :

After setting up counters, players decide if the only way Italy can activate as an Allied country is if the Axis faction declares war on it (10.1.1).


⇒ Rules not implemented :

  • Entry-V
  • Interception & Escort during Air Strike
  • 6.2.6 Bombing Run
  • Amphibious Invasion Aborted : Amphibious Invasion voluntary abort
  • Home Defense Not Satisfied

| Major |- | Europe 1941-1945 | Same as Main Event 1939-194? | Major |- | Europe 1942-1945 | Same as Main Event 1939-194? | ∅ |- | Europe 1943-1945 | Same as Main Event 1939-194? | ∅ |- | Europe 1944-1945 | Same as Main Event 1939-194? | ∅ |- | Germany 1945 | Not implemented | ∅ |}